Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Project Life: Week 22

Week 22 has come and gone and, amidst a busy schedule of visitors (my in-laws) and touristing, I've managed to get mine in the book! This feat in itself was a pretty happy one for me.

The pages came together fairly quickly this week. Since there were lots of different things going on, and not one apparently color theme showing itself, I stuck with a black & white main palette, with pops of color here and there (mostly pulled from the photos themselves). It's a lot more in the realm of "coordinates" rather than "matches" this week.

As it was mostly late last night that I was putting these pages together, I didn't really feel like getting my sewing machine set up (it lives on my craft table, but isn't 100% ready to go without some moving around and plugging things in), as well as for a bit of an accent/different look, I created my insert by chopping a 6-up 4x6 page (BH Design C) at the 3/4 point and sealing it with some fun polka-dot washi tape. I really like the look.

This week was all about ephemera. Tickets, photographer's stubs, museum badges, & business cards all made their way into my pages. I love adding that sort of thing. It's something I always save, and always have saved, but usually I just tuck these things behind my 12x12 scrapbook pages after failed attempts at making them work on the page. With Project Life, I include the ephemera and later when I make 12x12 pages with more details and photos, I don't worry about trying to include the souvenirs quite as much.

Product-wise, this week was mostly all BH Seafoam, with one card from BH Wellington Childhood edition & one from BH Jade, various stickers & washi tape, Martha Stewart labels, a Silhouette cut of my own design, and one of Elise Blaha Cripe's great quote cards. While I thought about including the Memorial Day card that I'd shared here on the blog, it seemed to not fit as there weren't any local happenings to partake in/document. I think I'll hold onto it and see if it fits better for Remembrance Day when we're (knock on wood) back in the UK.

One thing I wanted to start doing last week, and then totally forgot, is to do a photo summary. Although I tend to journal from the 1st person perspective in PL, it *is* a book that documents the life of this family which, at the moment, is me and my husband. Nearly every week he gives me photos (and occasionally stories) of what he's been up to with or without me.

Photos: 21
by LK: 14 (2 of which were taken on my camera by others)
by A: 7

Today is a happy respite from touristing with my in-laws, though they'll be by for dinner tonight before they had back to Scotland tomorrow. Next week you'll get to see a bit more of our adventures in NYC touristing. But it might just be more details about day-glo shorts and shoes :)

As I do each week, I'm linking up at Project Life Tuesday on The Mom Creative.


Anonymous said...

Cut it at 3x4. Yes. Genius. How have I never thought of that?!

Cerise Wade said...

Love the black and white theme with this week. It's so wonderful that your husband contributes to your albums with photos. Mine JUST got a smart phone, so I'm training him :o)

lisaplus6 said...

I love the black and white with the color photos! such a great week!

laura kate said...

Well, we can't all be doctors. But sometimes I'm a smart kid. :)

laura kate said...

Thanks! Usually at least 1/4 of the photos in any given week are from my husband (either via email, Instagram, or me snagging them from his phone or camera at the end of the week!). Having another POV really helps to make it not just another album about me, you now?

laura kate said...

Thank you so much!

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