Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Project Life: Week 23

Well, then. I'd like to tell you that I have both weeks 23 & 24 to share with you. But that would be a lie. Week 24 is still being tweaked. Partly due to life being a bit hectic around here (see any of my recent posts!) and also due to wanting to include some particular products. So I'm joining the crew of many who post one-week-off PL shares. Which is cool. I know that during our upcoming vacation and then later when (knock on wood) we move, things won't stay so nice and neatly lined up. It's life. And that is a ok.

My page photos this week aren't really amazing. I waited until this afternoon to snap them and it is dark and rainy and I had to use artificial light - and we all know that isn't ideal. But anyhow. Week 23:

A simple insert of a halved 6-up 4x6 page was used. The first few days of the week were the end of my in-laws' visit, and we did a bit more touristing as well as a night in. The rightmost page is almost entirely dedicated to an epic BBQ we attended. I had to work really hard to pare down the photos from that night. There will definitely be a layout in my 12x12 2013 album with some of the others. The skyline across the top is a panoramic shot that I edited to print onto 2 4x6 photos to fit. I quite like it.

This week I used almost entirely the BH Seafoam kit & papers. A few of my favorite Martha Stewart labels made their way in, as well as some BH grid cards (cut down for captioning). Did I have a particular color scheme? Nope. Since I was already feeling "behind", and because my craft table is an absolute mess, and purely because I'm quite cool with variation, I just kept it super super simple this week and, for the most part, let the photos do the talking.

Pics by The Scot: 3
Pics by me: 12


Lots of fun things will be happening here on my blog in the coming days & weeks. I'm a contributor to the Find Your Voice workshop from Rukristin Papercrafts and will be sharing more about that soon. Additionally, keep an eye out for some new products in my scrapbooking shop very soon. Summer is here for sure, and I think it's going to be a great one!

As I do each week, I'm linking up at Project Life Tuesday on The Mom Creative.


Emily said...

I love how you incorporated all the Seafoam paper/cards! Especially the one with your movie tickets; great idea!

alida.post said...

Love the rich tones in you lay-out. A vibrant page!

laura kate said...

Thanks. Keeping Seafoam as my main/go-to color-scheme helps a lot in those weeks where things are a bit all over the place. Having one kit that I've decided to be "it" is useful! (Next year I think I may not use just one kit - so we'll see what happens!).

laura kate said...

Thanks much!

Cerise Wade said...

The panoramic is really great, added a lot to the layout.

laura kate said...

Aw, thank you! I don't do a lot of photos-across-spots, but I just loved the glittering city lights.

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