Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Project Life: Week 24

Week 24 was a bit of a whopper. Lots of stuff going on at home (mostly visa-application related) and lots of social stuff going on as The Scot's company has been having lots of people over from the London office. Visiting friends/colleagues = nights out. Nights out = fun = tired! Friday night in particular was a long and fun one. While I still ended up with 8 photos, that was after doing a LOT of pruning. But I don't mind having an insert again.

For this week, I mostly kept to the goldenrod color of the Seafoam kit as my main accent color, with a bit of black for contrast. The insert was a cut down BH Design C (6-up 4x6) sealed with washi tape (just like I did 2 weeks ago).

Supplies for the week were pretty simple. BH Seafoam + a couple grid cards, Martha Stewart labels, and assorted washi tape. Above the photo with the Empire State Building you may notice a little tab. That's some pull out journaling about the excellent Friday night out - using a pull out card meant I could get one more small photo in the insert page!

I'd planned to use some letter stickers for a couple things, but in the end, I ended up adding some titles to photos in Photoshop and like it just as well. I want to get the last 2 weeks of June into this album and things are getting tight. So any space saved is a good thing!

Looking at these pictures makes me appreciate the life we've got happening here in NJ & NYC, even as we're hoping to leave soon. I may think of myself as a homebody, but we really have been getting out quite a lot of late!

Pics by me: 18
Pics by The Scot: 7

Tuesday = link up day over at The Mom Creative.


Anonymous said...

NJ/NYC looks like such a fun place in the summer. Enjoy it, then come back!

laura kate said...

Such is the plan!

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