Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project Life: Week 29

Our time in the US is winding down. Week 29 was a rough week. SO much was planned. I was going to get most of the packing done. We were going to have 2 weeks of relaxation! But then it was in the high 80s inside our apartment all week. And my motivation and energy were gone. I fell asleep a lot. And that's ok. Sunday and Friday were great evenings out with friends/coworkers and I'm so glad for those nights.

Let this week also be known as the one that, when I went to snap photos of the pages for the blog, I couldn't find where my husband had put the DSLR. So the photos aren't as shiny as usual. Oh well.

I was so happy to use a BH Design F page on the right. It's such a fun look, and since our week was largely phone snaps and Instagram images, it worked really well. I liked the way that the cards look alternating across the page. Is this week even in my top 10 of PL weeks? Not at all. But it works.

From this week on in during the move, I'm working with limited resources. Right now I still have my printer, but a lot of my supplies have been packed away. I filled a Studio Calico crop bag with my go-to Project Life items and I'll be sticking to that bag of resources for the next few weeks. Nearly everything was printed as-is, with a few additions of Martha Stewart labels and a partial BH grid card, along with BH Seafoam, and a design from my Summertime set.

Photos by me: 7
Photos by The Scot: 4

I'm working on my week 30 spread today, so that it can be done before we leave. I'll probably be thinking about this current week (week 31) as it happens, since I'll be putting it together on the other side of the pond and want to make sure I have what I need. I really want to keep up as best I can with Project Life throughout our move. I think it's such a great format for documenting a big change like this. Even though I've done big, international moves before, it'll be nice to get a bit more of the minutae of the whole experience.

Has anyone else used PL or something similar to keep memories of a big change/move/etc? How did you use it and how did it work out?

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Arrowed! - an adventure collection

Right now my life is about adventures. Big and little. Nearby and far away. It's also about going: going forward, going on, just keeping going. In that spirit, I've got a new card set in my scrapbooking shop called Arrowed!**.

I think it's a great little set for all sorts of adventures. Travel adventures and daily adventures. Sometimes we all need a little arrow reminding us to keep on keeping on and sometimes we get the chance to follow the arrows to something exciting and new. Whatever sort of adventures fill your life, I hope you like this card set!

**If you get the reference in the title of this set, I love you.

Instalife: ready, set...

Life around here is busy, busy, busy as we find ourselves at the < 1 week point before we move back to London. Everything is packed (save for tidying/repacking/straightening up the suitcases) and today a lot of our furniture got picked up by our friend D (who is another Brit in The Scot's office who recently arrived - how handy!). We've sold a few things on Craigslist and are hoping to move on a few other things before donating the rest to charity. A big truck will arrive on Wednesday and pick up our boxes to be shipped. Then it'll be just us, an airbed, and our suitcases until we fly on Saturday. It's all hitting home. This is real. This is happening. I will soon be back in the city that feels like home. I will again be the ex-pat and The Scot will again be the native. Tables turning. Life changing. Terrifying and wonderful all at the same time. A friend of ours in London has just offered up his spare room while we're flathunting, which was the kindest thing and lifts a huge stress off our shoulders. (Hopefully we can find a place quickly!).

Life lately: packing, packing, packing, packing; Zipcarventures; baking through the pantry stores for megatreats for The Scot's office; an amazing "leaving night" out in NYC (where I made wide use of my Instax mini).

(Trying the new Instagram embedding feature. Not sure how I feel about it yet).

It is my hope that this will be my last tran-Atlantic move (for those who might be newer to the blog, this marks overseas move number 7 in the past 9 years). The last big move for a couple years, all in, really. For now, I'm trying to appreciate the adventure aspect and not get too tied up in the stress.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Project Life: Week 28

It is a million and one degrees in Jersey City. This is down from about a million and five (give or take). I am still melting. I've been melting for multiple weeks. But right now I'm melting while posting Craiglist ads to sell our remaining furniture/appliances/etc, searching for a flat in London, and also packing. Today's task is packing and organizing my scrapbook and craft stuff. For mostly re-starting my stash a bit over a year ago, I've amassed more than I should have. A good percentage of which is PL stuff. And Thickers. Curse you, TJ Maxx and your excellent deals on Thickers! (Actually, no, don't. Because I love them). Life is moving onward. We're about 1/2 packed and hope to have everything boxed or bagged up by Thursday so that we can clean, relax, and have things shipped with ease in our last week (all while sleeping on an airbed as we've sold our bed to one of The Scot's coworkers who will pick it up this weekend).

Meanwhile: week 28 happened. It was a big week. It was the Week of the Visa.

I always love the look of big photos spread out over multiple PL cells. Did I anticipate that blowing up a snapshot of my visa would mean that my face (in an already rather sad photo) would be chopped in twain? Nope. But that's ok. I still think it looks cool. And, yeah, it looks way better in the flesh but as much as I love you, dear readers, the blur was needed!

Overall, it was a simple simple simple set of pages. We didn't actually do much due to the heat. BH Seafoam, BH Jade, some washi, some sparkly thickers, and Martha labels were used. I altered a Paislee Press png for the tab on the temperature picture and I added the arrow and text to the airport pic. Boarding passes fit marvelously in a 4x6 cell and I was happy to finally include them nicely rather than shoving them in an envelope or behind a 12x12 layout in my annual album. (On an aside, if you ever need ideas about travel scrapbooking of the PL genre, my pal Meg's blog >>TravelScrapSleepRepeat<< is full of awesome ideas).

In < 2 weeks we'll be back in London. I'm so excited for this move (well, for the being there part if not for the actual move part) and can't wait to be back amongst my old haunts and to see friends we've not seen in 15 months and to settle back into the everyday on that side of the pond with a Rekorderlig in my hand and my Oyster card happily in my pocket.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Project Life: Week 27

Today's gotten away from me. It's late in the afternoon and I realized I hadn't snapped pics or put my pages on the blog! Yikes!

Our apartment doesn't have A/C and the temperature is currently 87°F (that's about 31°C) inside. Forgive me if my brain is a bit underfunctioning. On the thought of scatterbrainedness, also a note that since we're in the midst of packing up our whole lives to relocate back to London in just under three weeks, there may be a few more crickets chirping around the blog than usual. My aim is to check in at least twice a week - even in the just-after-the-move time while we'll be flat-hunting and staying in a b&b or somesuch. On a fun thought, my blog timestamp will be back to being accurate as I never changed it from London time when I left last year. Positive thinking and whatnot, right?

Ok. Week 27! The first week of July and also the first pages to go into my 2nd Project Life album for 2013. My goal with Project Life this year was to keep it to 2 books (since I just started PL in the autumn of 2012, I only had one partial album for 2012 and wasn't sure of the scale of this year). I think that, keeping at my current pace and style of pages, 2 albums will be just perfect.

This week took place entirely in Wisconsin during our visit there to see my family and spend the time around Independence Day at my family's cabin. It was a great week. On Saturday morning, I insisted we get a family picture (top right hand spot of the last page). My brother had brought his girlfriend with him from California to meet the family and since The Scot and I are moving back to London soon, I don't know when the next time that we'll all be together will be. Probably not for about 18 months. Cecilia will be so big then! Heck, there might be another kid in the family somewhere! Sadly, my brother-in-law had to leave on Friday as he had to go back to work, so he's not in the picture. My hair is wet, the baby is looking a little like she wants to escape, we're all trying to not get eaten by mosquitos and such. Is it a faultless photo? Nope. But is it perfect? Totally. With a family spread out all over, we don't get these moments often. I am super glad that I was a bit of a pest about making this photo happen.

I ended up with 2 inserts (BH Design A pages chopped in 1/2) and really mostly let the pictures do the storytelling for the week. Many of the photos I included are similar to photos of summers past. Some are photos I've taken nearly every summer of my life. Some are new points of view. But, in the end, I feel they do a good job of sharing our story well with not a lot of need for description.

The past few weeks of my Project Life pages have been really really simple. Mostly just photos, cards, and a few labels. This week I didn't even bust out any washi tape! Just BH Seafoam, BH Jade, some Ali Edwards brushes, an Independence Day card from my own freebie set, and a few Martha Stewart labels. Those labels really are my go-to to add a little description. I'll have to stock up in some more colors before we cross the pond!

2013 has just been whizzing by. I am incredibly excited for what the rest has to offer. I've got some personal plans, some professional plans, and some travel plans all brewing. With an international move and a new place to live thrown in the mix, it's bound to be an adventure!

Pics by LK & pics by The Scot = I totally can't recall who took some of these. It's about 1/2 and 1/2, anyhow. We're really becoming joint memory keepers in this family :)

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Project Life: Week 26

Here we are at the halfway point of 2013. Halfway! Eep! Well, we're more than halfway, but I'm sharing my halfway-point-week. Our internet connection here at home decided to die yesterday and it took a few hours of talking with the customer service people to get it back on. So instead of my usual Tuesday PL post, this one comes to you on a Wednesday. Life happens. And that's ok.

While I love my little Instax camera (I have the 50s model, which is a slightly slimmer version), I so rarely remember to take it out with me. Well, on Friday night, I stuck it in my bag before I headed out and we all had a lot of fun with it! Although there was some concern by members of our party as to how you share such photos and how you can get them online, most everyone was excited to watch their face slowly appear on the film. Such fun.

This week's colors were certainly the dark turquoise and goldenrod of the BH Seafoam kit and played up the same shades in Martha Stewart labels. I also used my own See The World travel collection, as well as a brush from Ali Edwards' Summer Sentiment Boxes. My pal Meg (of TravelScrapSleepRepeat) is a big time Ali E worshipper and while I've always loved Ali's stuff, I've been giving her some dollars in the digital arena semi-regularly of late!

I'd originally intended to write a small card about the flight and such and attach it to the yellow airplane 4x6, but in the end, I decided that not much needed to be said about flying. My grumbles about the Newark airport have been written in various forms multiple times and the week was such a happy one that I didn't want to add whining!

Photos by me: 8
Photos by The Scot: 3

Our week in Wisconsin was really great and I'm working on those PL pages today. It'll be a great spread to start my 2nd PL album for 2013 and there were a lot of great photos taken that will make their way into my 12x12 annual album as well!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

London calling

Though I've been blabbing about it on Instagram and Twitter for the past 6 hours or so, I wanted to share with blogland some happy news. My UK visa has been approved and arrived this morning! The Scot and I will be moving back to London as soon as we can get everything sorted! It will be absolutely fantastic to be back there. While these past 15 months have had some high spots (getting married being the main one), it's been a rough spot overall. Time to stop feeling like we're in a treading water phase and move forward with our lives back where we love life best!

Things I am looking forward to (in no particular order):
- Morris dancers
- dough balls from Pizza Express
- getting a new Unlimited card at Cineworld and going to far too many movies
- sausages
- Irn Bru
- Ben & Jerry's "Fairly Nuts" ice cream
- Rekorderlig
- London transport (even when it's annoying, it's still pretty good).
- Bounty bars
- swans
- truly old places
- Rekorderlig
- trains that go everywhere
- Waitrose
- Liberty
- friends!!!!
- Rekorderlig

Instalife: a week away

After much delay and general annoyance at the airport, we finally got to board our flight from Wisconsin and head back to the East coast last night. 8 1/2 days in my home state were marvelous. We spent the bulk of those days at my family's cabin on Washington Island where there is little to no cell service. A bit of Instagramming still happened, if oftentimes delayed in the posting!

It was so good to be there. It was at least 20° cooler there than here in the NYC area most days. My sister & her family were there nd my brother flew in from California with his girlfriend. Apart from the craziness of my parents' 2 puppies, I feel refreshed!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

LKiC Featured at Rukristin Papercrafts today

Here's a wee sneak at my Find Your Voice week 2 project. This week, I'm one of the featured contributors over at Rukristin's Find Your Voice site. Stop over and see what myself and a few others have created to develop our stories this week.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Project Life: Week 25 + a freebie!

Week 25 brought a little bit of calm back to our lives after a few weeks full of lots of big nights. There were still a couple evenings away from home, but on a much smaller scale to the previous few weeks!

A few nights out, getting my visa application sent off (finally!), and a big haircut were the highlights of the week. Supplies kept things simple. Mostly BH Seafoam, with a couple BH Jade cards in the mix, good ol' Martha Stewart labels, and some washi tape.

As you read this, I'm either on the road or already arrived to my family's cabin on Washington Island to relax, rejuvenate, and to celebrate Independence Day. They do a fabulous community fireworks event - hand lit by the local volunteer fire department. It is slow and it isn't as fancy as so many places, but it's my favorite. When I was very little, we used to mostly go to the fireworks in Milwaukee as my godmother worked for the city and could get us great spots for viewing. But somewhere around middle school we started always coming to the cabin that week, and I'm so glad the tradition was established. I can't imagine a better way to celebrate the 4th.

With that in mind, I've created a little Independence Day themed card set to share. I hope you enjoy it and I'd love to see any pages that include the cards!

Download them >>>> here <<<<

One of the lovely parts about being on the island is that there's limited cell phone service and our cabin has just a radio. No TV, no internet, no videos. Just usually NPR in the mornings and evenings. There will be campfires and grilled dinners and (if Lake Michigan is warm enough) swimming and lounging and generally just getting off the grid a bit.

I've got some other blog content lined up, and I'll be able to use my phone a bit (I've never been up there with a smartphone before, so we'll see if it works), but here and elsewhere (FB, Twitter, etc.) I'll be largely off the grid until Sunday when we fly back to the East Coast.

Have a great 4th (if you're in the US) and a great week!

I plan to link up to The Mom Creative's Project Life Tuesday.