Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Project Life: Week 27

Today's gotten away from me. It's late in the afternoon and I realized I hadn't snapped pics or put my pages on the blog! Yikes!

Our apartment doesn't have A/C and the temperature is currently 87°F (that's about 31°C) inside. Forgive me if my brain is a bit underfunctioning. On the thought of scatterbrainedness, also a note that since we're in the midst of packing up our whole lives to relocate back to London in just under three weeks, there may be a few more crickets chirping around the blog than usual. My aim is to check in at least twice a week - even in the just-after-the-move time while we'll be flat-hunting and staying in a b&b or somesuch. On a fun thought, my blog timestamp will be back to being accurate as I never changed it from London time when I left last year. Positive thinking and whatnot, right?

Ok. Week 27! The first week of July and also the first pages to go into my 2nd Project Life album for 2013. My goal with Project Life this year was to keep it to 2 books (since I just started PL in the autumn of 2012, I only had one partial album for 2012 and wasn't sure of the scale of this year). I think that, keeping at my current pace and style of pages, 2 albums will be just perfect.

This week took place entirely in Wisconsin during our visit there to see my family and spend the time around Independence Day at my family's cabin. It was a great week. On Saturday morning, I insisted we get a family picture (top right hand spot of the last page). My brother had brought his girlfriend with him from California to meet the family and since The Scot and I are moving back to London soon, I don't know when the next time that we'll all be together will be. Probably not for about 18 months. Cecilia will be so big then! Heck, there might be another kid in the family somewhere! Sadly, my brother-in-law had to leave on Friday as he had to go back to work, so he's not in the picture. My hair is wet, the baby is looking a little like she wants to escape, we're all trying to not get eaten by mosquitos and such. Is it a faultless photo? Nope. But is it perfect? Totally. With a family spread out all over, we don't get these moments often. I am super glad that I was a bit of a pest about making this photo happen.

I ended up with 2 inserts (BH Design A pages chopped in 1/2) and really mostly let the pictures do the storytelling for the week. Many of the photos I included are similar to photos of summers past. Some are photos I've taken nearly every summer of my life. Some are new points of view. But, in the end, I feel they do a good job of sharing our story well with not a lot of need for description.

The past few weeks of my Project Life pages have been really really simple. Mostly just photos, cards, and a few labels. This week I didn't even bust out any washi tape! Just BH Seafoam, BH Jade, some Ali Edwards brushes, an Independence Day card from my own freebie set, and a few Martha Stewart labels. Those labels really are my go-to to add a little description. I'll have to stock up in some more colors before we cross the pond!

2013 has just been whizzing by. I am incredibly excited for what the rest has to offer. I've got some personal plans, some professional plans, and some travel plans all brewing. With an international move and a new place to live thrown in the mix, it's bound to be an adventure!

Pics by LK & pics by The Scot = I totally can't recall who took some of these. It's about 1/2 and 1/2, anyhow. We're really becoming joint memory keepers in this family :)

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