Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Project Life: Week 28

It is a million and one degrees in Jersey City. This is down from about a million and five (give or take). I am still melting. I've been melting for multiple weeks. But right now I'm melting while posting Craiglist ads to sell our remaining furniture/appliances/etc, searching for a flat in London, and also packing. Today's task is packing and organizing my scrapbook and craft stuff. For mostly re-starting my stash a bit over a year ago, I've amassed more than I should have. A good percentage of which is PL stuff. And Thickers. Curse you, TJ Maxx and your excellent deals on Thickers! (Actually, no, don't. Because I love them). Life is moving onward. We're about 1/2 packed and hope to have everything boxed or bagged up by Thursday so that we can clean, relax, and have things shipped with ease in our last week (all while sleeping on an airbed as we've sold our bed to one of The Scot's coworkers who will pick it up this weekend).

Meanwhile: week 28 happened. It was a big week. It was the Week of the Visa.

I always love the look of big photos spread out over multiple PL cells. Did I anticipate that blowing up a snapshot of my visa would mean that my face (in an already rather sad photo) would be chopped in twain? Nope. But that's ok. I still think it looks cool. And, yeah, it looks way better in the flesh but as much as I love you, dear readers, the blur was needed!

Overall, it was a simple simple simple set of pages. We didn't actually do much due to the heat. BH Seafoam, BH Jade, some washi, some sparkly thickers, and Martha labels were used. I altered a Paislee Press png for the tab on the temperature picture and I added the arrow and text to the airport pic. Boarding passes fit marvelously in a 4x6 cell and I was happy to finally include them nicely rather than shoving them in an envelope or behind a 12x12 layout in my annual album. (On an aside, if you ever need ideas about travel scrapbooking of the PL genre, my pal Meg's blog >>TravelScrapSleepRepeat<< is full of awesome ideas).

In < 2 weeks we'll be back in London. I'm so excited for this move (well, for the being there part if not for the actual move part) and can't wait to be back amongst my old haunts and to see friends we've not seen in 15 months and to settle back into the everyday on that side of the pond with a Rekorderlig in my hand and my Oyster card happily in my pocket.

I'll be linking up to The Mom Creative.


Anonymous said...

I love the airport codes on the photo! I am copying it as we speak :)

laura kate said...

I am in full support of that sort of copying :)

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