Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project Life: Week 29

Our time in the US is winding down. Week 29 was a rough week. SO much was planned. I was going to get most of the packing done. We were going to have 2 weeks of relaxation! But then it was in the high 80s inside our apartment all week. And my motivation and energy were gone. I fell asleep a lot. And that's ok. Sunday and Friday were great evenings out with friends/coworkers and I'm so glad for those nights.

Let this week also be known as the one that, when I went to snap photos of the pages for the blog, I couldn't find where my husband had put the DSLR. So the photos aren't as shiny as usual. Oh well.

I was so happy to use a BH Design F page on the right. It's such a fun look, and since our week was largely phone snaps and Instagram images, it worked really well. I liked the way that the cards look alternating across the page. Is this week even in my top 10 of PL weeks? Not at all. But it works.

From this week on in during the move, I'm working with limited resources. Right now I still have my printer, but a lot of my supplies have been packed away. I filled a Studio Calico crop bag with my go-to Project Life items and I'll be sticking to that bag of resources for the next few weeks. Nearly everything was printed as-is, with a few additions of Martha Stewart labels and a partial BH grid card, along with BH Seafoam, and a design from my Summertime set.

Photos by me: 7
Photos by The Scot: 4

I'm working on my week 30 spread today, so that it can be done before we leave. I'll probably be thinking about this current week (week 31) as it happens, since I'll be putting it together on the other side of the pond and want to make sure I have what I need. I really want to keep up as best I can with Project Life throughout our move. I think it's such a great format for documenting a big change like this. Even though I've done big, international moves before, it'll be nice to get a bit more of the minutae of the whole experience.

Has anyone else used PL or something similar to keep memories of a big change/move/etc? How did you use it and how did it work out?

As I do each week, I'll be linking up to The Mom Creative.


Pink Ronnie said...

I love your style, Laura Kate!
Yes, I've used PL to document all sorts of big milestones. What I do is either allow myself more pages or go crazy with inserts. For example, when our youngest was born this year, I documented that first week in hospital using two spreads rather than one and I think I had about three inserts.
Ronnie xo

laura kate said...

Thanks, Ronnie! I think my album will take the insert route - hopefully it doesn't overwhelm.

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