Friday, August 9, 2013

Renewing an old flame while riding buses

Being in London means being back in the land of busventures. The Scot and I are both fans of such things. In London there is a bus to get you most anywhere - even if you could take the tube or a train, buses offer all those locations plus all the in between bits. On a nice day I love to sit upstairs on a double decker bus and just enjoy the sights and sounds of the world as I take my time getting from point A to point B.

Today that is exactly what I did. A few times, even. Running errands (we have, in theory, a new flat soon!), visiting old haunts, and then just hopping on a favorite route to see many of the places I've missed since last year Spring. The simple joy of seeing all sorts of iconic places on the day-to-day has never gotten old for me, and I hope it never will.

Right now I'm having a new romance with my old love. I feel so at home in this place 4000 miles away from where I grew up. In 3 days, crashing in a friend's spare room, I feel more like I live here than I did the whole time we were in the NYC area. London is my jam.

This won't get posted until later, but I'm writing this post (at about 4:45pm London time) while sitting in a churchyard of an 800 year old church (though the current building is merely from 1729). I just ate some take-out sushi that I bought from place mere feet from a Roman city wall. The bricks my legs are resting on are likely older than any building in the Midwest. Wisconsin, I will forever love you but you ain't got nothin' on this.

London - especially in the City of London - has this great way of letting old and new just run right into each other. Sometimes it doesn't work, but sometimes it just lets you feel connected in so many ways to all those people who came before and all those who have yet to be. It's pretty great and I'm so glad to be back.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're having a lovely time in London! I can't wait to get back there myself--it's been 7 years, and won't be for at least 3 more...but a gil can dream, right? Have fun!

PS--what's the bus route you say is your favorite?

laura kate said...

Have you lived here also? Though I still maintain I'm not a "city girl" this is one city I can stomach! As for my favorite bus route it's just one that winds its way from our old (and soon to be new-again) part of London eastward to The City.

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