Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Still here


We have moved into this amazingly spacious flat and are working on transforming it into a functional home. I will have a crafting/creating space. The boy will have a guitar/Xbox space. We have a 20 foot ceiling in the living room. We've changed out the ugly lightshades for more simple and stylish ones. The bedroom curtains are still atrocious and we can't seem to locate a ladder in the building to take them down and hang our own, far more awesome, curtains. We don't have tv or internet yet (next week, I hope!) and I still don't have a new phone with a data plan. My very old phone only rings sometimes when people call. It's an adventure. Tonight I ponied up £5 for one day of wifi access (there's a service in the neighborhood if you're with a certain phone company. I'm not, but I decided one day was worth the price). We're still sleeping on an air mattress (our mattress is finally being delivered next week - something went wrong with the delivery process). Our new bed is due on Friday. Our stuff from UK storage got delivered on Thursday and the movers couldn't get the frame of the couch into the flat. They told me that it would be fine, as when my husband got home he could help and we could take the arms off and it would make it in the entrance hall. I had it apart, in the flat, and re-assembled in about an hour. Nobody tells a Stephens woman to wait for her husband...

Right now I'm job hunting. Not teaching stuff, but just something as I have plans for the teaching and the music parts of my life coming back to the forefront in the coming months. For now I'll settle for something mildly interesting - or at least something that helps with the bills and lets me get a new phone.

This weekend we got a fish tank and put real plants in it. I've never had one with real plants and haven't had fish (or any pet) since I initially left the US five years ago. We'll get a few fish later this week. I'm way more excited about it than I probably should be.

I've been knitting away in preparation for BlytheCon UK and hope to get my sewing machine set up on the kitchen table this week and get some dresses and skirts and such sewn. I recovered the dining chairs today, and the sound of the pinking shears cutting the fabric made me quite happy. My sweater stock is pretty high, and I need to get going on finishing them all - ends don't weave themselves in...

We've been back in the UK for 3 weeks now and while things are very slow to get going, they're at least on a little bit of a roll! I miss blogging as regularly as I like and I miss being able to catch up with the blogs and tweets and such of others. If the sun keeps shining, I've got some fun ideas to share a bit about my new/old neighborhood!

(While I'm on a slowed-down blogging schedule, I've still been Instagramming as much as I can when I find a wifi spot for my phone!)


Anonymous said...

Your home looks like it will be an exciting blank canvas! I'm glad to see things are going well for you two.

JaneA said...

Wow, your flat looks amazing, and HUGE! Welcome back to the UK, and good luck with your job hunt. I'm looking forward to reading about what happens next! X Jane http://janeheinrichs.blogspot.com

laura kate said...

Thanks! It's a bit of a mix of mess and excitement at the moment :)

laura kate said...

Aw, thanks! It's got great big high ceilings which really does make it seem larger than it is. But I'm so happy to have a bit of space to live in again - it's been a long time!

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