Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ticking boxes

Things around here remain a bit in limbo. There was some miscommunication with the letting company of the new flat (which is different from the agency which showed us the place) such that we sat for 4 1/2 days waiting for paperwork. Things are rolling now and we're hoping everything goes smoothly forward and we can move soon. Having a place to crash with a friend is great, but I don't want to feel that we're imposing. 2 weeks will be pushing it!

After meticulously creating an "on the go" pack of Project Life cards, pens, and various supplies to have to work on while we were in the moving process, I managed to put the album (full of empty pages) in the one bag I had sealed with one of those giant plastic wrap thingees. The bag's side seam had decided to give way after many years of faithful service just as we were prepping to leave and I wasn't about to go buy anything new. This means, however, that my album is more or less hermetically sealed up until we get to the new place. So my big plans of "keep on keeping on" with my PL in the meantime have come to a halt. The pics are mostly prepped, though. So it should be quite quick once we're settled.

In the meantime, I decided to check in with my life list for this year. A few now seem like they're just not going to happen since we've left the NYC area. But a few most certainly have been done - with excitement!

31 things to do before 32

1. Do something new/different with my hair
2. Move back to London YAY!
3. Get more houseplants
4. Start a garden (of some variety respective of living space)
5. Get back in shape. Working on it!
6. Walk a mile a day for at least 1 month. June-July this happened more or less. I've been keeping good walking habits up :)
7. Attend a NYC sporting event NY Rangers vs. Winnipeg Jets, 1 April 13
8. Try 12 new recipes (proper recipes, not "I threw this together and it is dinner") 8ish? of 12 tried
9. Make a new friend (of the "in person" variety, not just the online variety)
10. Visit Paris again
11. Visit the Statue of Liberty (because I've never been).
12. See 3 Broadway shows. Newsies, 4/13
13. See 2 West End shows.
14. Finish Project Life 2013
15. Get caught up on my scrapbooks from 2011 & 2012 & get at least most of 2013 done. still working on it!
16. Finish the Valentine socks.
17. Find a job I like (if not love).
18. Learn to embroider
19. Visit Boston
20. Put together our wedding album
21. Spend more time outdoors This has been happening a bit since returning to LDN
22. Visit Washington, DC
23. Get a new fishtank + fishies
24. Adopt a shelter dog
25. Sew and/or knit at least 50 items for BlytheCon UK About halfway there!
26. Put together our mini-moon album
27. Drink (aka: buy) less soda weekly This is still improving. Every little bit!
28. Take a class or long workshop on a subject I'm interested in
29. Volunteer for something
30. Keep in touch better with my girl friends
31. Go on proper date nights at least twice a month


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