Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Right Now

Last week was largely spent in Ireland with my best pal Megan. It was a bit dreary and also a bit gorgeous. I took Ops with me and got plenty of long-overdue dolly photo time in.

Upon arriving home, I learned the just-for-now wifi we'd subscribed to while waiting for our proper internet to be installed had failed. It's been gone for over a week now and the company have no explanation. So that's been pretty annoying. (I'm currently nursing a drink at Starbucks and partaking in their internets). If all goes to plan, ours will finally get installed this Friday. We are, however, going away for 9 days on Sunday. So that's just crap timing.

The flat is coming together more and more. I've hung things on the walls! The small piles left to sort upstairs are nearly all gone.

I am 9 weeks behind on Project Life. This does not make me happy, but The Scot and I have made a plan of sorting out photos and stuff tonight or tomorrow and then I can get things printed and get going. This move has made me really appreciate the ease of having a printer like I had in the US (moving a large format printer wasn't gonna happen, so I'm currently printerless)

There are some pretty fab little callouses on my fingers from sewing labels and closures onto dolly fashions for BlytheCon UK. I cut out about 10 dresses last night. I'll be heading home soon and getting my stitching on. Hopefully those today and skirts tomorrow.

I am in love with my new vacuum cleaner.

Yesterday I made some spritz cookies with jam centers. They made me very happy. I've been loving watching The Great British Bake Off again and that, along with catching up on last season's Masterchef and the new Masterchef Australia, my kitchen-based ideas have been exploding in my brain. I do hope some of them make it onto the blog soon.

The sun is shining in London and this flightly little post needs a wrap up. I do hope I'll have internet again ASAP as this sporadic blogging thing is getting old..


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