Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Project Life: Weeks 32-34

Here I find myself even more caught up with my Project Life. Which is a great feeling. I really love this take on memory-keeping and getting behind with it really made it a bit less fun. So getting things back on roll has been really enjoyable.

Week 32 saw us landing back in London - I created a fun little card with my Silhouette to remind me in the future of the journey. While searching for a new flat we stayed with a friend. As it happened, we found a new place on the Tuesday, but it took aaaages to get all the paperwork sorted. I used an insert page to feature the business cards from the many many estate agents I visited and signed up with!

This filler card got spiced up with an Amy Tangerine sticker. I love the versatility of the Seafoam b/w stripe cards! The rest of the week is mainly BH Seafoam with one BH Jade and one Studio Calico card.

The next week we finally got to move in to our new place. (Yay!) But not until Friday. (Boo!) I documented the week using all BH Seafoam, along with one card from my Arrowed collection & another Amy Tangerine sticker. (I've blurred out our new address here).

While working on catching up with my Project Life, I've been keeping everything relatively simple and mostly sticking to the Seafoam core kit only. Tossing in a few Martha Stewart labels or a little bit of washi makes it all come together. I've also been absolutely loving my Tiny Attacher lately!

During this catch-up season, I've realized that while I do love Seafoam, I'm getting to the point where I'm ready for something different. I think that 2014 will be not based on one kit in general. We'll see what I'm feeling like in a few months. BH Jade is pretty fun, and I've only used a bit of it. This summer, I picked up BH Honey for an album that I made my mom and have quite a bit of that - but I'm not sure much of it is really me. I've got the Amy Tangerine mini kit coming my way (well, both of them after that HSN blunder), and my eye is on BH Sunshine too. While the Studio Calico kit is waaaaay too pricey for me to afford over here in London on a standard subscription, I might just pick up a kit here and there.

What are your plans for Project Life next year?

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Anonymous said...

Your pages look great, Laura Kate! I have also fallen behind and agree that it makes the memory-keeping process a lot less fun than usual. But, catching up is a great feeling! :)

laura kate said...

Thanks! Moving countries and not having a working phone, my supplies, or a printer has been tricky! (Now I've got the first 2 - still waiting to get a new printer). Catching up is indeed great!

Linda Jordan said...

Gorgeous pages! I do love the seafoam in your album, but I couldn't stick with just one kit. I have been using clementine, jade, midnight and 5th & Frolic in my album, plus adding studio calico cards [I don't have a subscription, but I pick up my favorite kits or when they have grab bags], other papers and free printables. I like having the variety in my album, but sometimes it's overwhelming when you're creating a page because there are so many choices! I think that next year I am going to come up with a few things that will be thematic throughout [a few fonts, using black text printed on kraft for plain journaling, uniform month cards, etc.] but overall I will use a lot of variety.

laura kate said...


From March - June, I was using a lot more variety. Your idea about keeping some things the same (fonts, themes, etc.) is spot on to my way of thinking. When I've printed things this year, I've definitely kept to a just a couple fonts. Even on the cards I design & share. Variety is the way forward, though. My 12x12 books change it up from page to page, so I think my PL should probably, too!

Vicky said...

thanks Laura, I love your pages and thanks for the freebie, cant wait to use them

laura kate said...

You're very welcome! I'd love to see how you use them!

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