Friday, October 18, 2013

Sew a reversible Blythe skirt!

At BlytheCon UK in Glasgow I led a sewing workshop in hand sewing a simple reversible wrap skirt for Blythe dolls (while I haven't tested it, it would likely work for most 1:6 scale fashion dolls). I wanted to share the pattern as a freebie here on the blog and I hope you enjoy it. The instructions were written in plain English with the intention of being understandable to a complete sewing novice (as well as those at BCUK who might not have English as a first language), so if you're a more experienced sewer they might seem over-simplified, but you'll whiz through sewing the skirt in no time. If you choose to machine sew the pattern, it'll go even faster. It's easy peasy and a lot of fun!

credit: Babastrzelec vel Jaemigrantka

I know I'm not the first person to share a simple skirt pattern (nor will I likely be the last), but I do hope you'll enjoy my take on the idea. It's designed to print correctly at 100% on A4 paper (so US folks will need to print at 97%ish).


Happy sewing!


Gillian said...

Thanks so much for posting the pattern. My sister and I attended your workshop and had a huge amount of fun, thank you.

laura kate said...

You're quite welcome! So glad you enjoyed it, it was such fun to lead!

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