Thursday, October 10, 2013

Snapshots from north of the border

We returned from a week-and-a-bit in Och Aye Land* on Monday evening. It was a great time away, if not at all as relaxing as I'd hoped it to be. Sunday - Thursday were spent around Edinburgh and nearby with The Scot's family and friends and then on Friday we headed over to Glasgow to stay with a couple of his friends and attend BlytheCon UK on Saturday (more about that in an upcoming post). This time around was a bit of a whistlestop tour. I got back into the habit of using my actual camera since I no longer have my old US phone to use for a camera/wifi (long story, but suffice to say that I do not recommend Sprint as a carrier). Being back to rocking out my very old somewhat-smart phone means mostly not having access to any apps or social media that I love and appreciate. I'm working on getting something new soon.

But back to the point - Scotland! In pictures!

There was sunshine, there was rain, there were dollies, there were sheep, and there were multiple train journeys. A success, in my opinion. If you've never been up there, I highly recommend it. And I'll hear none of this "but it's so faaaaar away" nonsense from English folks. It's not really that far at all. Book an advance train ticket, take a book, and enjoy the beautiful views along the way. If you live abroad and visit the UK, do take the chance. I personally prefer Edinburgh to Glasgow, but both have their draws. Just go.

*if you get this reference, I love you a lot


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