Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sponsorship on LKiC

Writing here at Laura Kate Is Crafty is something I love. I enjoy the way that blogging can be a totally solitary activity in the writing and photographing and putting-it-all-together, but then suddenly the words I've written and the photos I've shared strike a chord in someone enough that they want to leave a comment, or click "like" on Facebook, or start to follow the blog regularly on Bloglovin'. Though I've been writing here for almost 7 years, it's really in the past year that the blog has really grown to develop regular readership and see numbers of any big significance. I love you, my readers! I love the blogs that I read regularly, as well. Interacting through comments, entering contests, and sponsorship are things I enjoy doing. Perhaps some of you with small, growing blogs or even big and sparkly blog would consider sponsoring here in November.

All the details are on my sponsorship info page, but the basics are this:

  • 3 sizes available
  • some offer bonuses like giveaways, tweets, etc.
  • all include a monthly mention
  • prices are super-de-duper affordable with a swap option available, too!


In October, I'm happy to have three fabulous returning sponsors:

----> At Every Hour Here, Denise has been doing a lot of Project Life blogging, but I got super excited about the Polaroid Quilt she's working on. How cool is that?

----> Over on Misfit Isle, Alli shared a bit about her adorable pet hedgehog. My sister kept tiny hedgies for years, so seeing that post brought a big smile to my face.

----> Lauren from Tastes Like Love offered a little peek into her home recently. She's got a great style and the quirky decor of her place is adorable.

Please take a minute to check out my October sponsors' blogs and maybe next month I'll be sharing about your blog or business!

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