Sunday, October 20, 2013

Three hundred sixty-five

Last year on this day at a bit after 3:30pm Central Time, I walked down the aisle of a tiny country church to stand next to a man in a skirt and marry him. Ok, yes, it was a kilt. And the poufiness of my skirt rather dwarfed him. The minister wore running shoes (something which both baffles me and cracks me up due to the total impropriety of it). My aunt & uncle sang. My brother & sister read. The Brits in attendance (mostly Scots) found things a bit different, but they seemed to like it. The Americans (mostly Wisconsinites) seemed to enjoy that things didn't drag on for ages. It went by in a flash.

Our DIY wedding and reception were a blast. But the year since has been the real thing. The wedding is one day, the marriage is forever. It's no secret that, apart from getting hitched, I had a personally rough summer 2012 - summer 2013. Moving, a hurricane, moving, lacking work, visa stuff, moving, still lacking work - it's been a challenge. I try to not get too much into the rough stuff here on the blog, but I wanted to make a point today to thank my most amazing husband, Alan (aka: The Scot), for helping me get through it all. (I know he always peeks at my blog posts).

The traditional first anniversary gift is paper. While I've got something paper-based as a big gift, this is a little gift for my husband that I also thought would be fun to share here on the blog. We have a tradition of taking silly self-portraits (this happened far more in the past year than is shown on this video) and I love that we have many of them to document places and events and such. It makes me smile.

The music was our first dance and was a surprise for/gift to The Scot on our wedding day. The mixing isn't perfect and the recording isn't pristine, but that doesn't bother me. It still made me happy to give.

Here's to getting as many more anniversaries as we can squeak out of this life!


Nuwandalice said...

Ooooh the voice of Laura Kate! I've been secretly dying to hear that since you first mentioned you recorded it! (Not to be creepy!) Aww such a lovely video! Makes me think of an article someone (maybe you actually?) linked to a while ago about not being afraid to be in photos (which I'm sure pretty much everyone can relate to!) and this kind of proved her point, because how awesome is it to have that as a record? Conclusion: everyone should take more selfies! :D

laura kate said...

:) My visa application *might* have included a selfie-based poster chronicling our relationship. Sometimes it's the only way to get in front of the camera, and that's fun too.

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Happy Anniversary!

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