Friday, October 25, 2013

Tunes to keep the pace up

Yesterday, after a much-too-long break, I pulled on my running shoes and got my butt off the couch and found a decent route to get going with my #2MilesADay plan again. While I'm currently stuck with a crappy old phone that can't get new apps, thereby not having any official distance tracker or a voice in my ear when I hit a mile mark, I do still have motivation and the ability to draw my route on a distance tracker online! So I have some options that I know the approximate distance of until I get a new phone and can get back to better habits.

With the idea of getting back into better habits, I decided my old walking tunes playlist needed a revamp. I put one together that varies in pace a bit: starting a bit faster, slowing, speeding up again, and ending with Mika. Because Mika.

My powerwalking in NJ averaged 13-16 minutes/mile depending on the weather and the terrain, and these tunes are of a good BPM for me to do that comfortably. If you're into walking for fitness, would like to be into it, or if you already jog or whatnot, I hope you might like this playlist! Or even just for jamming out to. Old favorites, new likes, a bit of silliness, and a lot of catchy pop tunes overall. While the length of this playlist is longer than I need right now, I like having the option of skipping forward if the mood strikes/the pace of the day calls for it.

Power for Walking by LK on Grooveshark

Now it's time for me to put the shoes back on and get out there this afternoon!


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