Friday, November 1, 2013

A small post on web manners

When I first started blogging, I very often grabbed images from sources and directly slapped them up on my blog. Sometimes from Etsy, or another blog, etc. etc. I didn't realize that it both looked messy and wasn't very nice. Also it meant that down the line, those posts are full of little x-marks because the photo links no longer exist.

I love creating scrapbooking cards for Project Life, and such. I've recently started delving into creating my own cut files as well. With each download, I include a Terms of Use. Pretty standard. In fact, I created mine after looking at the Terms of Use that came with freebies I'd gotten from other scrapbookers over the past few years and figuring out what aspects were most important to me and what wording worked best. If you use any apps, or download anything at all from the internet, I'm sure you're familiar with TOUs. They help protect creators and keep you safe as well, in the realm of copyright, etc.

Sometimes you see something that you just love and want to share it with someone else. Or everyone else! Maybe not just pin it on a Pinterest board, but write about it. I absolutely love when my work gets shared. Plenty of traffic has come my way from blogs like Happiness is Homemade and One Velvet Morning. Sadly, recently I've had a couple cases where I found people being less TOU-concious with their sharing and have had to alter my download links to protect the integrity of my work.

In light of this, I posted something on the LKiC Facebook page earlier today. I hadn't planned to re-post it here, but later events lead me to feel it the right course.

This is what I wrote there:

A polite reminder to those who enjoy my freebies: it's against the Terms Of Use to redistribute those files in any way.

If you also have a blog and want to create a round-up of freebies you like and include mine that's so kind of you and I appreciate it (and love that you like what I make enough to want others to know about it!). Please give proper credit as well as only linking to the associated blog post and not directly to the file itself. This not only violates the TOU (which is included with each download), but is very poor web etiquette.

Sorry to have to even post this, but I've had to deal with this for a second time lately, and it's really disheartening. I love creating things and sharing them as a gift to my readers, and hope that I can continue to do this in the future without issue.

Thank you!

I so appreciate my readers and I really love when one of my freebies becomes popular. I hope that you love to use them and share them in the future, but do please remember to follow good web etiquette! It makes the internet happier for everyone!