Monday, November 18, 2013

Breaking the habit

This picture may not look impressive to you, but it was like climbing a mountain to me

Last night The Scot and I did some sorting out of our living room. We got this great shelf a few weeks back, but hadn't really done anything with it other than put the Cavey collection on a couple shelves. The room all in needed a good tidy and a vacuum, but between me being sick for a week and then him being sick for a week (and still a bit), we'd really just let it go. So the evening started with a good clean up and sort out then vacuuming and enjoying the clean and clear nature of the space. Later, I decided to attack the shelf. Books and movies and games and framed things found homes. Some of the Caveys share the space, while some ended up back by the tv (we love them there, and to be honest the big tv looked sad and lonely all by itself.

I'm one of those people who is terrible about keeping things neat and tidy. My room as a kid was one that you could've run a bulldozer through and not notice much difference. Clean laundry would constantly sit in folded piles without being put away if it weren't for The Scot taking it to the bedroom and sticking it in the middle of the bed where I have to deal with my own! Last winter I wrote about how I'd made it a habit since we got married to make the bed daily. For the most part, I've been really good about keeping that up. When we're not feeling well, sometimes "make the bed" is more "pull the comforter up in a mostly straight fashion" but I've gotten to the point that I can't get started with my day if I come back to the room to get dressed and it's unmade. It just rubs me the wrong way. Now this may have taken 3 decades to achieve, but I'm glad for a new habit. I bit my nails for nearly as long, too, and now I hate it when they're short - and my current description of "short" is what I would've considered an impressive length to reach without chomping on in years past. Change is sometimes good. Positive changes are just that: positive.

With the happy feeling of a clean living room and a lovely sorted out shelf, I decided it was time to pull out the big guns. Time to climb aboard the bucking bronco and not let go until I won. It was time to clean up the craft area.

Our new place has a lovely mezzanine level which allows for lots of storage space, an Xbox & guitar area for The Scot, and a crafting area for me. Plus some extra space. It's crazy that we found some place like this in London. Flats with this much useable space just don't happen that often. The problem with my craft area is that I got about 80% moved in/sorted out and then I stopped. (We moved in 3 months ago). Along the way, I set things down here and there. My prep for BlytheCon UK added to the mess. There were literally 4 piles of this and that on the floor. I also don't yet have a little trashcan, so the scrapbooking detritus ends up on the floor. For the most part this is a lot of photo corners from Project Life rounding! It was all quite simply a huge mess.

The mess took some order as I sorted things into sections (doll stuff, sewing stuff, knitting/stitching stuff, trash, miscellaneous other bits). Then I put each little pile into its place and/or created a place for it. The trash got gathered up and taken away and in the end I was left with a lovely open space. Yes, it was still covered in tiny paper scraps to vacuum up at a more suitable time (aka: it was nearly midnight and that's not nice in a shared building), but it was open. It was airy. It was the reason I fell in love with this flat.

My craft table itself still needs some love. Before it will be truly fully functional I need to get a bit more storage for PL cards and such. But today it's getting a mini sort out. And soon I might even have a real office-type chair instead of a borrowed dining chair from the kitchen. But these things happen in steps. Small steps are good, if you're still moving forward.

Now I get to really think about how to decorate/use the space well. I do so like things when they're clean and orderly. Maybe I can make some more new habits.


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