Monday, November 4, 2013

Project Life: Weeks 35 & 36

Catch-ups, catch-ups everywhere! This chunk of weeks was meant to be posted on the weekend but London was awash with nothing but dreary skies and terrible light for scrapbook page photos! Today the weather has been switching from sunny to partly cloudy to overcast and back to sunny again. Which makes for an interesting time trying to fidget with exposure settings on a camera, but I bit the bullet and snapped 4 weeks worth of pages. I'm sharing 2 today, and I'll share the other 2 tomorrow!

Week 35 was another settling in week. We saw some friends who we hadn't seen for a while since before we left London, which was great. I found another Coke with my name on it. The Scot enjoyed walks in the sunshine at lunch time - notably to Borough Market. We got fish!! (RIP: Kate Beckett. She died this past Saturday quite suddenly. It was quite sad).

Supplies for week 35 included mostly the BH Seafoam core kit, assorted washi tapes, Martha Stewart labels, and a few sparkly Thickers.

This was a really fun week. Through my involvement with Yelp, I got the chance to go see Wicked at the Apolla Victoria theatre (which I'd seen before, but was happy to see again!) and take part in a pre-show backstage tour, along with a VIP room for before the show & during the intermission. We had fun cupcakes and also some chocolate treats from Choccywoccydooda! It was spectacular. (The group shot and the Oz hat were taken by the Yelp photographer as we weren't allowed our own cameras on the tour). You may notice my very classy post-it note where the ticket should go! I put it somewhere safe where it wouldn't get smooshed before I scrapbooked it. And, as we all know, that means I'll find it sometime next Spring.

Our Friday night ended up at Herman Ze German, a great (& tiny) sausage place. I took a picture of the cup that the frites come in, which has the logo on a circular sticker. I LOVE how perfectly it fit behind the Ali Edwards "love this" frame! They have a great German soda there, with the cutest bottlecaps. So I kept a couple from our group and hot glued them on to a card (as I am out of pop dots).

Supplies used for week 36 were pretty much just the BH Seafoam core kit & Martha labels, plus the one Ali Edwards sentiment frame cut on my Silhouette.

I'm very nearly caught up with my Project Life for 2013. Stop back tomorrow to see 2 more weeks (including my little trip to Ireland!).

On Tuesday, I'll be linking up with The Mom Creative.


Fiona said...

Catching up is great! I like how you added all your tickets and things in each week.

Linda Jordan said...

Great layouts! I love that silhouette cut. I've never seen coke's with names on them, I need to find those, how fun!!

laura kate said...


laura kate said...

The Coke name thing was a summer ad campaign in the UK & Ireland (perhaps also Europe?). It was "Share a Coke with ..." - definitely a good ad campaign!

Heather Wambach said...

I love your pages. Did you apply to be on the creative team? I think you'd be great for it!

laura kate said...

Oh my goodness, that is such a lovely compliment! THANK YOU! While being on the Creative Team would be amazing - and I did think about applying - I've got a lot on my plate in the coming months so I didn't try for 2014. Perhaps I'll give it a go next year!

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