Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Project Life: Weeks 39 - 41

This week I'm sharing the last 3 weeks of my big catch-up. Yes, this still leaves me about a month "behind" but that's fine. When I started my catching up process, this is where the calendar was and so I had all the weeks up to that point printed up. Having only about 4 more weeks to print and scrapbook will be a breeze. In fact, I already have a number of cards & ephemera slipped in to pockets for the weeks to follow these.

Week 39 was the week I finally hit that point that many Project Lifers find themselves at: the week where you just didn't really take pictures. All the photos here are from the Saturday of the week. I'd been sewing in anticipation of BlytheCon UK most of that week (I did take a photo, but hadn't printed it and frankly didn't feel like going back to do so) and we'd both just been wrapped up in living life rather than documenting it. And that's totally ok.

I took advantage of the change of approach and mixed it up a bunch with supplies: BH Seafoam, BH Jade, & a Studio Calico cards all made up the mix. A few BH arrow stickers helped me write about what we actually did during the week, and some tweets (I've been a big fan of using these in my catching up phase) helped tell the story of our flatwarming party.

The following week we headed to Scotland for time with family & friends and wrapping the week up with BlytheCon UK 2013.

A lot happened that week, but I just added one insert page (cut down to make a 3-up 4x6 panel). For the most part, I let the pictures do the talking, though I did add a bit of journaling. The pages were mostly made up of BH Seafoam, with a BH Honey thrown in for good measure, along with the "♥ this" card I cut on my Silhouette using an Ali Edwards file. This is the only week of the 3 I'm sharing where I used some Martha Stewart labels, which is pretty shocking as they're my usual go-to! Instead of writing a title for the BlythCon UK photos, I attached the button badge I received as an attendee to my journaling card on the righthand page & really enjoy how it turned out.

Week 41 was another week a little low on photos. After all the excitement and busybusybusy of the previous week, we both just chilled out a lot that week! I again looked to BH Honey to add some new cards to the mix of BH Seafoam and also included one Studio Calico card (supporting the ephemera & journaling from the textile show I attended). A bit of washi and a bunch of tweets helped to pretty things up and tell about what we were up to. A bit of a slow week, but it ended with a giant new tv, so that must be good!

It's such a great feeling to be done with my catch-up pile. I hope to finish up the weeks that I'm still not quite up-to-date with this week, so that from next week forward I'll be back on track to just be offset by a week with my pages. I quite like it that way and find I am better about adding/writing about the little things then.

I'm already starting to think about how I'll be approaching Project Life in 2014. Will you be continuing with PL next year or if you haven't ever tried it, would you like to give it a shot?

I'll be sharing this at The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday.


rachel said...

Thanks Laura Kate! I laughed out loud when I saw you have the same B&W rug in your flat in the UK as I have in my flat in Saskatchewan Canada :) When I bought mine at Ikea I honestly thought to myself - wow this will go so well with my Midnight core kit lol.
My daughter wonders where you get your dolls? Are they for children or just grow ups? (She is 5 ;)
I haven't started thinking about PL 2014 - I'm inclined to go on, I've been enjoying documenting our family life in this orderly way with a page a week. Think I'll let my significant other have a say, since it takes a chunk of my time... *after* we've ordered some of our PL 2013 hardbound books and see the finished product in print. I also enjoy being a small part of the blogging community that 'gathers' around sharing their pages, so that's appealing to me to go on. Peace to you this week :)

laura kate said...

Oh, Ikea - bringing the world together! I just love how that rug pulls some life into a room with an expanse of cream & white walls and neutral-to-the-point-of-boring oatmeal carpet.

My Blythe dolls are really intended for collectors, though some folks let their kids play. My little cousins know to ask first and that they're for gentle play only! It's all about dressing them up in lovely fashions (many via Etsy and the like) and taking fun photos. Flickr has a wealth of gorgeous styled photos. My 2 favorite groups are: http://www.flickr.com/groups/blytheradiantsuperstar/ and http://www.flickr.com/groups/blytheblytheblythe. These days they start in the low to mid $100 range. The redheaded girl in the main photos there is a vintage girl from 1972 (simply called "a Kenner" in the collector world). She cost a fair bit more than the modern incarnations, but was a tax return treat a few years back! You can find out more about Blythes and how to get them via http://www.blythedoll.com/en/ or sites like http://blythekingdom.forumotion.com/. (I hope that's helpful!)

I totally agree that part of the fun of PL is the community that it's spawned. It's so fun to connect to people the world over simply through our desire to document our lives!

Heather Wambach said...

I love your pages. They're bright and colorful and I love how you combine the different PL kits.

laura kate said...

Thanks, Heather!

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