Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gather the snacks, it's football time

I got back yesterday morning from my hop-over-and-hope back again trip to the USA. Most of the time was spent on the road between Kansas City and southern Colorado. Long, wide-spanning roads that made me feel quite American. So this weekend's upcoming revelry seems right on target.

It's that time of year again. The time when, in America (mostly), the crockpots fire up and the chip bowls feel their glory. Allofthesnacks are prepared and whether you're in it for the football, the puppies, or the entertaining commercials, the couch is full for the Super Bowl. I'm not a big football person. A fair weather Packers fan, as well as an ex-pat, I probably won't be watching this year. But for many of you who will, I thought I'd share a freebie card. The one I offered last year was well-received, so I hope this one will be too! It's just a bit of an update.

Football & Nachos (Super Bowl) card by Laura Kate Is Crafty
download it > > > here < < <

It's a simple and bold card. Something I'm really liking of late. I have a feeling my designs this year might be very black and white based. But it's just the end of January, so only time will tell!


Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Thank you for sharing but I'm not sure if I'll be scrapping that game. I think I'll just try to forget it. I'm a sad Broncos fan.

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