Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Instalife: post-holiday edition

Christmas and New Year were lovely this time around. Lots of family time (with The Scot's side) and friend time, too. Back at home, we've continued with our binge watching of Dr. Who (this past weekend we said goodbye to Ten and hello to Eleven. I cried. A lot).

I've been knitting a lot, and a bit calmer since the Christmas gifts were finished and given. A hat for me. A hat for him. Right now I'm working on a February Lady. After years of avoiding adult-sized garments and working on my skills in either 1/6 scale (for Blythe) or babies/kids, I conquered a sweater for the boy as a Christmas gift. It was my 2nd adult sweater. The first was in 2007 (and was a bit less-than-successful). What was I avoiding? All knitting is just following directions. I have high hopes for my cardigan. This winter marks 13 years of knitting. There should be piles of sweaters (and not just of the dolly type!).

Lego has been happening around here again. Which is great. We brought back about 80% of the childhood stash from Scotland. A lot of it needs a good bath, but otherwise, it's been fun to start sorting it and such. As I write this, I'm waiting for the husband to return from spending birthday vouchers at Hamley's. More Lego is en route!

Sherlock. Knitting. Dr. Who. Old episodes of Poirot. Cheese. Mentally planning ideas and approaches for my 2014 Project Life (a lovely US-based friend is sending over some cards and such that I've been wanting). In 2 weeks I'm headed to the US for a short short visit for the wedding of the friend who was my maid of honor. I hope to be able to squeeze in a tiny stop at a craft store. Ideas. So. Many. Ideas.

The end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 flowed beautifully together. This year is starting off so nicely and I have high hopes for it - and I can't wait to share the adventures here!


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