Monday, February 17, 2014

Instalife: late winter

Around here, the sun has been shining in equal turns with the pouring rain. In London we're not finding ourselves in the trouble that the west of England has been in with severe flooding and devastation, but the wind and rain in our flat have found the cracks in the very very old windows. We're lucky to have a safe home, however. So many these days are not so lucky.

Sunny days are for exercising outside, walks with the husband along the Thames and through our favorite places, and generally enjoying the slowly changing seasons. Cold and rainy days are for curling up the couch, enjoying the Olympics that much more, and really loving my kitchen adventures.

Our Valentine's Day passed calmly, with a special meal and a lovely night in. We've been finding lots of ways to enjoy time at home lately, as we try to save some pennies toward grander adventures later. As most evenings in the past few weeks have descended into howling rain, this isn't a terrible challenge!

Here in London, the snowdrops are blooming and I even saw a patch of purple crocuses yesterday in Battersea Park! It's not yet Spring here, but the signs tell me it's not too far away. (Winter leaves much sooner here than back home in Wisconsin, and every year I'm still surprised by it). Hopefully there will be more and more days out in the sun soon, but for now I'll keep enjoying the fabulous skating costumes from Sochi.


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