Friday, February 7, 2014

Trying to renew good habits

Last year in the late spring/early summer, I started to take better care of myself. I got a Fitbit Flex, I kept a food diary, I begin to walk for fitness. Most weeks I was walking 2-3 miles at a go and walking 3+ days a week. Most weekdays I was getting out and doing at least a mile on calmer days. I tossed in some tv-based yoga for good measure here and there. While the main goal of my changes is to get healthier, weight loss is something that comes with getting fitter and I did have a good start on losing a bit.

Then we moved back to London. Between finding a flat and getting settled in, the warm weather went away and the cold and rainy time (aka: fall/winter) came upon us. I was pretty unmotivated. Some of the pounds came back. Here in London, we're starting to see signs of spring. Some days (like the last 2) bring cold and downpours, but we're getting a fair few days of sunshine (or at least overcast skies) and temps in the high 40s (F). And something about that sunshine got my butt in gear.

I've started walking again; I installed YouTubeTV on my Wii and have been doing some yoga sessions; yesterday I picked up a set that has a yoga mat, some resistance bands, a pair of light weights, and a fitness ball; I've been exploring and starting to use the outdoor gym that is installed in a local park. I am getting back on the horse of good habits! Outdoor gyms are super cool. The equipment at the one I use comes from this company(I wanted to read up on it a bit more) and the strength-type machines use your own body weight as resistance. The elliptical is at enough of an angle that it's a challenge for me and my asthma lungs, but I'm liking it! The airwalker is hilarious, but so good for hips and such, and I've been building up the reps I can do pull downs. While I'd love to have some Michelle Obama arms, I'll settle for stronger and more toned!

On this journey, I have some small personal goals, but really it's about getting healthier and getting stronger. Have any of you embarked on a fitness journey? What things to you love to do to keep fit?


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