Thursday, March 13, 2014

I don't know about you but..


...I'm feeling 32.

One more trip around the sun, and I'm feeling good about what's to come for me on the next one. Do I have an injured foot? Yes. Do I have a fabulous new job? No. Am I working on fixing both those things? YES. Because 2014 is the year of MAKE and I can make it all great. Today = a trip to the Knitting and Stitching Show (yarn! thread! fabric!) and fondue for dinner at a Swiss place in Soho (because my husband knows what makes me tick. Cheese and fiber are both good places to start).

I slept in and had a brownie for breakfast. Life is good.


31 things to do before 32

1. Do something new/different with my hair
2. Move back to LondonYAY!
3. Get more houseplants and it continues!
4. Start a garden (of some variety respective of living space) (succulents count to me!)
5. Get back in shape. Working on it! Big help with #40daysOfFitness for Lent!!!!
6. Walk a mile a day for at least 1 month.June-July this happened more or less. I've been doing as best I can in the fall now.
7. Attend a NYC sporting event
NY Rangers vs. Winnipeg Jets, 1 April 13
8. Try 12 new recipes (proper recipes, not "I threw this together and it is dinner")  
9. Make a new friend (of the "in person" variety, not just the online variety)
10. Visit Paris again
11. Visit the Statue of Liberty (because I've never been).
12. See 3 Broadway shows. Newsies, 4/13
13. See 2 West End shows.
14. Finish Project Life 2013  I'll share this soon!
15. Get caught up on my scrapbooks
from 2011 & 2012 & get at least most of 2013 done. still working on it!
16. Finish the Valentine socks.
17. Find a job I like (if not love). NEARLY THERE!!!!
18. Learn to embroider
19. Visit Boston
20. Put together our wedding album
21. Spend more time outdoors
22. Visit Washington, DC
23. Get a new fishtank + fishies
24. Adopt a shelter dog
25. Sew and/or knit at least 50 items for BlytheCon UK 
26. Put together our mini-moon album
27. Drink (aka: buy) less soda weekly This is still improving. Every little bit!
28. Take a class or long workshop on a subject I'm interested in (this relates to #17 and also #18)
29. Volunteer for something
30. Keep in touch better with my girl friends
31. Go on proper date nights at least twice a month Mostly happening!


Denise said...

Happy birthday, Laura!!!

laura kate said...

Thanks much! It was a good one :)

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Happy belated birthday! You got a lot checked off of your list. Nice job.

laura kate said...


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