Sunday, March 30, 2014

Out Like a Lamb

Here we find ourselves at March's end. How did that happen? The first quarter of the year gone in the blink of an eye. (It's like that every year, though, isn't it?). Around here it's been a different sort of month. We started the month off in Scotland, I embarked on 40 Days of Fitness for Lent, had my birthday, spent nearly 2 weeks on doctor mandated foot rest (which I didn't write about here, mostly as it was exceedingly dull), and baked quite a lot. The clocks here in the UK did their springing forward last night, so today I'm feeling that little bit of "where's the day gone?"

March also brought some new faces to my sidebar! I'd like to share a bit about them, as well as my lovely not-quite-as-new sponsors. I'd LOVE to have some new faces to feature in April, so if you want to get your blog or business a bit more exposure to my ever-expanding audience, pop over to my sponsorship information page to find out more.

Allyson Rose from Don't Feed the Wendybird

Don't Feed The Wendybird

I am Allyson Rose, professional dollhair minter extraordinare and naive yet old soul. On the verge of turning 22, I left small-town Iowa in October 2013 to re-start with a new degree at a new university in a new place called Reading, England. (Don't make the mistake of reading that like you just read "reading" a few words ago. No one ever said English made sense).

On my blog Don't Feed the Wendybird, I write about life as an American abroad, about the food I love to create, about the style I try to pull off, about my everyday life as a young twenty-something doing that "self-discovery" thing that most young twenty-somethings do. Someday I will be a real estate magnate, the author of several children's books, and the barista/owner of a breakfast cafe and coffeehouse.

They're all just little fluffy seeds, but I'm trying to make them grow.

This is my space to water the dandelions.

I hope you will join me. ♥

Sarah from Sunlight After Rain

Sarah is my 2nd new sponsor this month. She lives in Virginia with her boyfriend David and writes about life, love, and paleo cooking. She recently shared a great-looking recipe for s'mores pie.


In addition to new sponsors, March also brought back 2 longtime friends:

-----> Denise from Every Hour Here has been blowing my mind on Instagram with her quilting this month and had blogged about some of the insanely talent-requiring blocks she's done. The bunny is my favorite.

-----> Alli over at Misfit Isle has been going through some big changes. She recently shared a fabulous Home Sweet Home banner DIY that would help anyone feel more at ease in a space!

A big thank you to all my fabulous sponsors this month! I hope you'll think of joining them in the future!


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