Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pom Pom Wall Decor!

DIY pom pom wall decor by LauraKateIsCrafty

Pom poms are everywhere lately. This project started in my mind last summer and came to fruition in the winter. During this time pom poms went from the usual sort of cutesy crafty fun to super trendy (at least here in the UK where Kirstie Allsopp has been a bit of a pompom evangelist). I'm ok with that. I've long been a lover of the pom.

This project took me a few weeks. Not because it was particularly difficult (it wasn't), but because one can only wind so many pom poms a day! The hanging was inspired by my love of poufy things. Our wedding was decorated with tons and tons of paper honeycomb balls of all sizes and I kept one strand of them to hang in our home (which did hang in the US and since moving back to the UK has been waiting for an inspiration of where to put it!).  Last summer I saw a picture of a honeycomb hanging and my mind thought "that would be so cool in a more permanent way if it were made out of yarn!" So I planned this. And it worked!

DIY pom pom wall decor by LauraKateIsCraftyOur living room is of double height. We have 20foot(ish) ceilings (plus a mezzanine level over half the room). This is both awesome and a bit of a pain. Awesome in that it lends itself to a fabulous sense of openness and light, but a pain in that our building has no communal ladder (and we don't own one) as well as having a 10'x20' wall that has been staring us in the face for ages (seen left center here). Big, blank cream-colored walls and oatmeal carpets are a lovely blank pallet, but we've been a bit hard-pressed as to what & how to decorate! For our New Year's Eve party, I made a fun wordy-type bunting and it put it in my head to take a shot at making the pom pom hanging that I'd been seeing in my brain for months.

My hanging is about 6 feet wide, accounting for the curve.If you're looking to create a bold pom pom wall hanging of your own, you will need (in addition to scissors and something to hang things from):

    DIY pom pom wall decor by LauraKateIsCrafty
  • a few contrasting colors of worsted or aran weight yarns. (I used 100gram skeins: 4 each green & blue, 3 each off-white & black).
  • a long base string (in hindsight, I probably should have used a braided of something stronger...)
  • pom pom makers! This whole project was made easy by using the Clover pom pom makers. I own all the sizes and mostly used the large set (65mm and 85mm), and the extra large (115mm/4.5in), with a bit of the others tossed in here and there. You could of course use the old standby of cardboard or the multi-size plastic ring type makers, but if you're a pom pom lover like I am the Clover doodads are fully worth it!).

I chose the colors to match our area rug (which I love so so much and is often seen on my Instagram). The green doesn't seem to photograph true-to-shade, however. The most realistic picture of the color is the one I snapped of the supplies before I started. My yarn is acrylic, for budget reasons, but if you've got the pennies to splash out a bit on 100% wool, it does make really heavy and full pom poms and would look quite lovely.

DIY pom pom wall decor by LauraKateIsCrafty

As I made the pompoms, I made sure to leave a bit of a length of yarn to attach them with. The assembly started off by hanging the base string and marking the center spot on the wall with some masking tape. Then I hung what I considered the anchor pieces - a giant blue pom pom at the center and other colors in large sizes spread out across the main piece. Then I just built on it to my taste - some attaching to other pom poms and some attaching directly to the base string - doing my best to fill in all the spaces and make it look full and even. (The 2nd "in progress" photo above is a bit askew - the small Command hook I had holding it gave up the ghost and it fell off the wall and it was a bit wonky when I hung it back up . I switched to tiny nails!).

DIY pom pom wall decor by LauraKateIsCrafty

Once it was all said and done, we have this great bit of poufy, fluffy, colorful decor brightening up our living room! I might move it a touch higher on the wall (at the lowest point it's about 5 feet off the ground  - it had far more give than I had anticipated when hanging the base string).

DIY pom pom wall decor by LauraKateIsCrafty
This was a really fun project to make and I love how it ties the area rug into a larger color scheme for the room. There's still a lot of decorating potential, so I think the pea soup green and turquoise-y blue will be making a few more appearances as we continue to make this place our own.

I think this type of wall hanging could be great in all sorts of rooms from a living room with a big empty space (like ours) to a kid's bedroom or a craft room! If you decide to make a pom pom hanging of your own, I hope you have as much fun with it as I did!

(Project sharing is something I'm wanting to do a bit more of here on the blog in 2014. This is, hopefully, the first of many such posts this year).


Nancy R said...

I love how bare your living room wall is. It’s perfect for creative types, like you, to do whatever your mind can think of. On the other hand, I understand how it’s hard to work on the decorations and paintings when you have such a spacious room. Nice pompom décor, by the way! I like how the dark colors complement and contrast nicely with the white walls. It can also make for a perfect gift.

Nancy Rose

laura kate said...

Thanks, Nancy.

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