Thursday, May 8, 2014

By George! It's Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court is largely thought of as being a Tudor residence, but the Georgians used it as well. Right now, the palace is celebrating this fact. When I recently visited with my mom, on Good Friday, they even had re-enactors wandering the grounds! Parading, playing music, acting in character as courtiers - and even as King George I! It was good fun.

Having been there a number of times before, I wasn't too interested in taking tons of photos of the place, but more of documenting the fun day out with Mom.

The weather kept flipping between gorgeously sunny and comfortable, to cloudy and freezing. It's that Springtime curse of only being warm when the sun is present. We dealt with the chill to enjoy some "horse dancing" (as they called it) being performed in the gardens for the "court." It was a mix of horses performing and the riders demonstrating proficiency with swords and such. I liked it.

As many former royal residences do, Hampton Court still boasts of gorgeous gardens - and rightly so! One of my favorite parts is the great vine arch along the side of one of the formal gardens. It's huge and long and smells so green as you walk through it. Delightful.

A few years ago I snapped some photos of these mixed tulips flowerbeds and was glad to see them in even more glory this year! Hampton Court in springtime is truly beautiful


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