Monday, May 12, 2014

By the seaside

It's been 2 weeks since my mom headed back to the US. This is my last little catch-up post full of our adventures. The adventure of the day was a trip to the seaside. Although a bit chilly and windy, we avoided a rainy day and had a great daytrip down to Brighton!

No trip to Brighton is complete without a visit to the pier, and that was our first stop! The three of us happily frittered away about £4 (total) on the 2p arcade games. Cheap fun all around! The pier was then mostly useful for obligatory touristy photos and bad jokes about seeing France.

This time around, we didn't visit the Royal Pavilion, though we did pass through the garden and snap some photos. Lots of castles and such had already happened on this visit and Mom was perfectly happy to have a visit to Snoopers Paradise instead. No treasures found on this visit there, but all the quirky shops of Brighton area always worth a look.

In addition to being just a nice day out, it was fun to get more ideas in my head about Brighton and BlytheCon UK 2014. I'm so excited to be one of the organizers this year and am sure that in 5 months' time we'll be having an equally great day by the seaside. Lots of gears turning in that direction!

We're so lucky to be just a short train ride from great places like Brighton. This summer I do hope to do more little day trips to bits of England I've yet to see and parts I've seen and loved and would happily visit again. I fear that London has so much to offer that it does feel cut off in some ways from the rest of this very beautiful and interesting land. Hopefully I'll change that a bit and if I do, I'll most certainly be sharing the photos here!


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