Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tasty times at Street Feast London

Last weekend was a glorious lineup of sunny days, absolutely perfect for getting out and enjoying pub gardens and tasty delights. That, dear readers, is just what we did. After having a great time last year, our friends A & M invited us to join in with a visit on the opening weekend of Street Feast London. After this visit, I have a strong feeling we'll be heading back throughout the summer.

We started our afternoon with a little bit of pub hopping, pints, Pimm's, and sunshine and rocked up to Dalston Yard about 5:45pm. The way Street Feast works in that it's a converted industrial yard space that turns into a mecca for street food lovers each Friday and Saturday from 5pm - midnight. Last week was the first weekend and it runs for 19 more (aka: through September). Burgers, bbq, tacos, jerk chicken, Indian, Italian, ice cream, lobster, booze - this place has it all! The lineup is part-set and part-rotating, which is why I'm looking forward to return visits to try some new things! (Though I never went in NYC, from what I can gather this is a bit like a small, but fancier Smorgasburg).

Everyone in our group (which was about 9 friends and friends-of-friends) tried different things. I had a stuffed courgette (zucchini) flower, 2 tasty tacos, and some yummy ice cream. The Scot had an Indian wrap and enjoyed my tacos so much he got his own. Others had bbq ribs, amazing looking little sliders, poutine, chicken - so many things that I've forgotten them all. But no one seemed disappointed with any of the food. It was all mouth wateringly delicious

By the time we left at about 9pm, the whole space was packed. Although we were newbies, our friends were telling and showing us last year's set-up and it's clear that the organizers have really gone all out to make the space a bit more user-friendly this year. Lots of covered seating, retractable awnings attached to walls where possible in case of rain, and really cool semi-permament food stalls (instead of just trucks - though there's still space for a few!).

I really had a great and tasty time at Street Feast and I think anyone who likes to eat would enjoy it as much. If you're in London at all this summer, check it out! It's fully worth a little adventure to Dalston!


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