Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer songs

Yesterday was Memorial Day in the US. To me, that's the start of summer. Regardless of where I live, that idea seems to be the permanent one in my brain. Here in the UK, things have been heading in the direction of summer for a few weeks. Yesterday was a bank (public) holiday here and a traditionally popular day for summery barbecues and such, but it was pretty grey and gross. Summer and music, to me, go hand in hand. There are some songs and some albums that I will always associate with sunny days and long, lingering, evenings. Sometimes it's specific year (Everclear was popular in my stereo in the summer of '96), and sometimes it's eras (Weezer's 1st album, every summer from junior high into early college), but there are just those songs. Here are some of mine:

Summer memories by LK on Grooveshark

What about you? What songs/artists/albums take you right to a sunny picnic blanket, the passenger seat of your best friend's car, or a sandy beach?


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