Monday, June 9, 2014

Along the Thames to Twickenham

Saturday was beautiful here in London. Morning rain gave way to a beautiful sunny afternoon with just a touch of a warm breeze. This year The Scot and I are doing our best to really take advantage of nice weekends when they happen (as often London summers happen to have large blocks of gross weather) and after a few extra hours of fabulous weekend sleep, we slathered on the sunscreen, I grabbed my new floppy hat, and we hopped a few stops down the tracks to Richmond with an eye to further wanders!

We made quick work to head toward the Thames and then a short walk over the bridge from Richmond and we found ourselves along the riverside path from St. Margarets heading toward Twickenham. Having many times wandered on the Richmond side, we'd never been on the opposite bank and knew there was a stately home to be found about a mile's walk down the path. When we reached it, we happily wandered the park/grounds of Marble Hill House. Sadly, the house itself is only open by tours which are just twice on a Saturday and both in the morning, but we greatly enjoyed the rest of the space.

The day was getting on and we again took to the Thames Path walking further down the riverbank past more lovely buildings, homes, galleries, etc. and finally found our reward: a pub with a sunny spot to sit and enjoy the view! There were kids feeding ducklings, boaters rowing past on the river, and the little paddleboats ferrying folk back and forth to Richmond from further upstream. Quite idyllic, really.

A beautiful British summer day and a sure win in terms of discovering some wonderful new-to-us places!

photos 2, 5, & 9 were snapped by The Scot


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