Sunday, June 1, 2014

Growing into June

And so we enter June. May wrapped up with a week of grey, dreary, rain and crappiness. Yesterday offered a touch of sunshine and warmth, but the ground was still a bit waterlogged from relentless showers throughout the week. Not much opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, but I've happily hopped back on the horse of self-care with exercise and eating a bit less crap. Yay! My "40 Days of Fitness" for Lent went alright - I did workout about 30 of the 40 days, but I think trying to jump back on wagon with 6 days a week (from intermittent exercise before) was perhaps not the best idea. Attempting a bit much all at once led to injury and then lack of motivation.

With June here, I'm keeping my goals simple:
- eat less crap.
- keep a food diary (it assists in the less crap goal).
- really try to hit my 10,000 a day step goal with my Fitbit (I've had it for a year now, and haven't used it to the best advantage).
- do a proper workout (walking, cardio, and/or strength) at least 4 times a week. Right now, as I can't get out to walk in the weather, I've been doing various Denise Austin videos - both aerobic types and strength types. A bit cheesy, but fun and my heart rate monitor tells me that they're doing their job!

That's it really. Last night, to finish off May, I noticed my step count was at 9,600something at 11pm and I was feeling a bit blah. So I finished the program I was watching, changed clothes, and did a 30 minute cardio workout at 11:20pm. Did I feel a little silly? Yep. Did I feel better after? Indeed. Did I eat also eat a small bowl of popcorn and watch a movie before finally going to bed? Yep. Because that's ok too. Moderation and not deprivation.

On another note, growth here on the blog is always good and I'm always happy for new sponsors! My Facebook page surpassed 500 fans this month, and my http://www.pinterest.com/lkiscrafty/ is nearly there too! I love connecting with readers and friends through social media, so please do follow along if you haven't already. If you have, a big thanks!

May saw a new face and an old favorite in my sidebar:

----> Nicola from Pink Confetti was a new sponsor from May. Nicola also lives in London and writes about all sorts of fun stuff. Her recent walk to one of my favorite spots, Richmond, was a great read.

----> Back again was the fabulous Denise from Every Hour Here. She continues to share great Project Life posts (which always make me aware that I am far behind for 2014!), but a recent favorite post was yet another beautiful quilt that she has made. I love that her daughter helped her with the design!

Roll on June! Hopefully we'll get a bit more sunshine to liven up the London summer. It's good for all sorts of growth.


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