Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Ticket Stub Story

It's no secret around these parts that I'm a big fan of films. A couple weeks ago I shared this photo on Instagram for ThrowbackThursday - it's the closing page of my final college scrapbook where I collaged all the ticket stubs collected throughout my college career (mainly movies, but also some theatre, dance, and such). 10 years on and I still love that page. From the blockbuster stupidly entertaining stuff at the local cineplex, to my larger discovery of independent films at the glorious local indie house with its beat up couches, cracked vinyl armchairs, pull-down screen, and intermissions at the reel changes - it all was a treat. I wasn't a partier in college but I did love the cinema! The memories tied to those little slips of paper are vast.

Growing up, movies were a treat and I always always always wanted to go more often than we did. My college years developed my deeper love for the silver screen, and now living in the UK there's the option from one of the big cinema chains to subscribe to an unlimited membership. The Scot and I love this and we try to see 2-3 movies a month (it pays for itself at 1.5ish). Being home alone many days, I sometimes check out offerings that don't much interest the mister at a matinee.

I really miss little tickets and stubs. They switched to the receipt-type tix a few years back here. I still keep them, and these days they go in my Project Life albums, but I've started a personal tradition of snapping (and Instagramming) a pic to document what films I see. Looking back, I'm sure I'll be able to remember certain things about certain times in reference to what films were popular.

Are you a film fan or movie buff? A stub collector or a ticket tosser? Do you document your cinema visits through Project Life or a movie journal or ??


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