Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Busting out of June

Oh, hey July. I didn't see you there.

June was such a fun month. Lots and lots of sunshine, walks all over London, lazy days in the park, and lots of projects being worked on in the evening. Nearly enough bits of loveliness to make a person burst into song (or at least do a little dance).

Now July is upon us. This means that summer is in full swing and also that I'm missing the US a lot. This will be the 2nd summer ever (2010 being the other) that I've not been there for at least a bit. 4th of July isn't the same in London, of course, but we're having a little barbecue/games night on Saturday to try to make up for that. When homesickness strikes, it's always good to surround oneself with friends!

Speaking of friends, my sidebar was graced with a couple lovely ones this month:

>>> New as a sponsor was Rebecca from Hugs Are Fun. She's got a fabulous blog full of creative prettiness and, bonus, she's also a Midwesterner. Check out the amazing French knot colorwheel she stitched - stunning!

>>> Back with us again from Every Hour Here is Denise. It was so hard to pick a favorite post of hers from June with all the gorgeous quilting and fun Project Life pages throughout her posts, but her week 22 PL spread just screamed out about with all sorts of beautiful bits of family. Absolutely wonderful.

June was a fun month for me in social media as both my Facebook and http://www.pinterest.com/lkiscrafty/ pages surpassed 500 likes/followers! I'm hoping to see some more of those folks on Instagram as well, where I share lots of little peeks into what I'm crafting/baking/adventuring on a day-to-day basis.

If you'd like to join in with that growing reader base, do please check out my sponsorship page. I'd love to have your blog/Etsy shop/etc. on board for July and the future! Making new connections and friends is such a great part of blogging! Join in!


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