Saturday, August 30, 2014

Instalife: Wrapping up August

August has been busy, busy, busy. Lovely days walking through London, stopping in parks, resting along the Thames with a drink and a chat with my lovely husband, a few meals out - it's been a full month!

We had a couple neat Yelp events full of yummy food earlier in August. I discovered that there is finally a real notjustburritos Mexican restaurant in London. (Hoorah!). We started watching the Harry Potter films again (we're halfway through). I got a long-overdue haircut and discovered a fab new-to-me stylist who makes me feel like a million bucks. And then, at long last, I joined The W.I. - this is something I'm super excited about!

Our trip up to Scotland was wonderful, apart from a mishap involving me tripping over a bollard and sitting for nearly 90 minutes on cold cement waiting for an ambulance... (I'm fine now, thanks!). My love for Blythe snaps was again renewed and friends and family were enjoyed in abundance.

Decorating, mini gardening, baking, baking, baking - my domestic side has been showing and a year after we moved in, I'm making our beautiful home more homely.

London finally has an arcade bar (woot!) and we've had a few fun evenings out there. (It's partly the brainchild of a friend, which makes it even more exciting). It's been a year since we got our fish and though 2 of them are quite big I think they still juuuust fit in our tank.

The summer is certainly on its way out. Jackets seem more and more necessary. It's been horridly grey and rainy for most of the past 10 days in London. As The Scot is away in the US for another week, I've been trying to keep busy. In this weather, that involves a good bit of Netflix! September should be a bit calmer overall, and I'm excited to find what it brings!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ready. Steady. BAKE!

While we were in Scotland, we were happy to be there during festival season. Though the reason for our August visit was a family celebration, but we were sure to give ourselves a couple extra days to visit with friends and enjoy festival fun. Although there were plenty of comedies and stage productions that looked great, on the top of my list was seeing one of my favorites from last year's Great British Bake Off, Glenn Cosby. He's left his classroom and is now presenting a fabulous combo of observational humor and baking. What fun!


During the show we attended, he made Italian meringue buttercream. In the past, my meringue buttercreams have fallen a bit flat. French is wonkier than Italian, but neither were things I felt particularly confident in making. But then I saw Glenn's show and he explained the process in plain language AND in real-time. Time was clearly where I'd been going wrong in the past - I rushed it. So in addition to a great, entertaining show (he let me taste the aforementioned frosting as apparently I looked overly excited about it while I sat in the front row), I learned a new skill. Hoorah!

After we got back to London, and with my nice, new autographed cookbook in hand, I had a go myself. Best. Frosting. Ever. I might even go so far as to say it was a bit too buttery. This is me talking, and I usually have no less than 2 spare pounds of butter in the freezer at any given time, so I don't say that lightly! This is a fabulous new skill to have, however, as there's a local charity event - The Wandsworth Bake Off - happening in a few weeks and I'm quite excited to enter! With 6 categories to choose from (and maybe to do all?!?), it'll be great fun to create some tasty bakes with hopes of grabbing that elusive Star Baker title!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pins of Note

I've had a little blogging break, took an actual break to Scotland, am now I'm back getting stuck into the daily stuff in London. This year, as I've been trying to keep my word for 2014: make, I've cleaned, sorted, and rearranged my Pinterest boards a few times such that they might actually be a bit more useful!

Lately I'm pinning about:
1 - London, my beautiful city always has fun stuff to pin about
* Ravens at the Tower
* Vintage London transport prettiness
2 - Weaving, I continue to learn and try new techniques on my loom
* Bold woven scarves
* Beautiful patterns
3 - Words, to inspire
* Goodbye, Robin
* Kindness and love
4 - Embroidery, happy little stitches!
* needle weaving
* GSA trefoil
5 - Scrapbooking, pages or pockets - love, love, love
* Mountains and triangles
* more triangles!
6 - Costumes, it's inching closer to Halloween. Having a stash of ideas is always good
* What a dear!
* an old-school selfie
7 - Quilting, I still haven't tried real quilting, but the idea store grows!
* happy and scrappy
* triangles again...
8 - I. Am. Groot!
9 - Hello, Mister Potter... - the lovely Mr. Radfliffe

Now, to use that inspiration and see where it takes me!

(pinboard sharing format inspired by Tina at LLP)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Taking a breather

Around here, things are happening. I'm making some strides in creating career paths that work for me. I've been trying some new recipes. I've been weaving and knitting and creating. Yet here on the blog it's been a bit quiet.

This summer I've been working on keeping my focus in places that are needed when they are needed. So the work-type-stuff (which is actually pretty fun and not all "argh! work!") has been that focus. The blog is getting a bit of a breather. Yep, that's why things have been quiet with the words for the past 2 1/2 weeks. Yep, that's while August will likely continue to just have a couple posts. Sometimes a little break is a good thing.

So many things I want to share with you, dear readers, but the time will come for that focus. This afternoon I need all my strength to make it through a little trip to Ikea.