Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pins of Note

I've had a little blogging break, took an actual break to Scotland, am now I'm back getting stuck into the daily stuff in London. This year, as I've been trying to keep my word for 2014: make, I've cleaned, sorted, and rearranged my Pinterest boards a few times such that they might actually be a bit more useful!

Lately I'm pinning about:
1 - London, my beautiful city always has fun stuff to pin about
* Ravens at the Tower
* Vintage London transport prettiness
2 - Weaving, I continue to learn and try new techniques on my loom
* Bold woven scarves
* Beautiful patterns
3 - Words, to inspire
* Goodbye, Robin
* Kindness and love
4 - Embroidery, happy little stitches!
* needle weaving
* GSA trefoil
5 - Scrapbooking, pages or pockets - love, love, love
* Mountains and triangles
* more triangles!
6 - Costumes, it's inching closer to Halloween. Having a stash of ideas is always good
* What a dear!
* an old-school selfie
7 - Quilting, I still haven't tried real quilting, but the idea store grows!
* happy and scrappy
* triangles again...
8 - I. Am. Groot!
9 - Hello, Mister Potter... - the lovely Mr. Radfliffe

Now, to use that inspiration and see where it takes me!

(pinboard sharing format inspired by Tina at LLP)


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