Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ready. Steady. BAKE!

While we were in Scotland, we were happy to be there during festival season. Though the reason for our August visit was a family celebration, but we were sure to give ourselves a couple extra days to visit with friends and enjoy festival fun. Although there were plenty of comedies and stage productions that looked great, on the top of my list was seeing one of my favorites from last year's Great British Bake Off, Glenn Cosby. He's left his classroom and is now presenting a fabulous combo of observational humor and baking. What fun!


During the show we attended, he made Italian meringue buttercream. In the past, my meringue buttercreams have fallen a bit flat. French is wonkier than Italian, but neither were things I felt particularly confident in making. But then I saw Glenn's show and he explained the process in plain language AND in real-time. Time was clearly where I'd been going wrong in the past - I rushed it. So in addition to a great, entertaining show (he let me taste the aforementioned frosting as apparently I looked overly excited about it while I sat in the front row), I learned a new skill. Hoorah!

After we got back to London, and with my nice, new autographed cookbook in hand, I had a go myself. Best. Frosting. Ever. I might even go so far as to say it was a bit too buttery. This is me talking, and I usually have no less than 2 spare pounds of butter in the freezer at any given time, so I don't say that lightly! This is a fabulous new skill to have, however, as there's a local charity event - The Wandsworth Bake Off - happening in a few weeks and I'm quite excited to enter! With 6 categories to choose from (and maybe to do all?!?), it'll be great fun to create some tasty bakes with hopes of grabbing that elusive Star Baker title!


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