Friday, October 31, 2014

A Not-so-spooky Tale: My New Handmade Business!

I've written a bit on the blog about some of what I've been up to of late, employment-wise. In addition to working on launching an education-related venture (which I'll probably not be blogging here about at all), I've been working hard to start a proper handmade business. My enjoyment of making things is one of my favorite things in life and I've long wanted to take that from "hobby" to "lifestyle." In the late summer I got myself registered officially as self-employed, and in the meantime have been slowly building up a stock.

As it's Halloween, a day of tales that are sometimes spooky, and fairytales (in their original tellings) were usually a bit off-kilter, it seemed a good day to introduce you to Grimm 188!

My goal is to be able to share my handwovens, handknits, and other fiber-based creations at craft fairs in London and beyond on a fairly regular basis. I had my hopes dashed at getting accepted into any of the "big name" Christmas craft shows here this season, but I'm sure once I've gotten my feet a bit wet, it'll be easier next time!

Right now my shop on Etsy has a sampling of my creations from handwoven scarves...

...to sweet, soft knit baby blankets....

(yes, I know I need a better photo spot for blankets than my couch)

...to fun, funky friendship bracelets with clasps. A bit more grown-up and wearable for those of us past summer camp age!

(husbands who will be your wrist model are the best kind of husbands)

I do plan to expand my offerings, with a focus on beautiful fabrics and such. In addition to the Etsy shop, I've also started a Grimm 188 Instagram to share in-the-making photos and other things that might not be on my personal stream.

I would love to know what sort of handmade fiber-y things you'd be interested in seeing and do hope you'll think of my shop as you begin any seasonal gift-shopping! It's a great new adventure and I have such hope for it to do well!

Happy Halloween, friends!

Grimm 188


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