Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Not Quite Going to The Woods

Somehow my August less blogging turned into September no-blogging-at-all. Which was weird. Very weird. But also ok. I've been stepping back from the blog overall of late, from posting, but also from reading other blogs as much. I certainly don't plan to give blogs up, but I've just been doing some other things. Exploring what I'm about.

Lots of fiber-based stuff has been happening as I try to really make the idea of earning with handmade work. The loom is in fairly constant motion and my hands also find needles & yarn and needles & thread between them. It keeps me busy in a good way.

September was also dominated by the final push of planning for BlytheCon UK. I was a planner again this year - in a team as opposed to mostly solo as in 2011. It was a blast. I'll share photos soon! Mostly I just can't wait til next year to do it again except even bigger and even better!

So there it is. Life keeps happening even if I don't write about it as regularly. Tomorrow life will have me up before dawn and on a plane across both an ocean and a continent. It will be a long and tiring day, but at the end of it, I'll see family and prepare for a couple weeks of celebrations and relaxation. I'm looking forward to the adventure.


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