Oh, hello.

Welcome to Laura Kate Is Crafty! I'm Laura Kate and this is where I write about crafting, dollies, music, nibbles, & adventures.

This blog began in 2007 as a way to share some of my crafty loves of that time (scrapbooking and knitting, mainly), but it's evolved into a space where I can share my loves of those things as well as music, travel, Blythe dolls, sewing, kitchen exploits, and general adventures!

What else?... In summer 2014 I added weaving on a rigid heddle loom into the mix of making.  I bake more than entirely necessary, but I have fun doing it. I have a rather large collection of rather small plants. It took nearly 30 years for me to finally stop biting my nails, so I love a good shade of nail polish.

I'm a Wisconsin girl who has lived and/or worked in 3 US states + 3 more countries. A teacher and all-around crafty lady, I currently live in London with my husband (aka: The Scot) and 3 fancy goldfish.



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